Brest firewall failure / Router in production soon

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Brest firewall failure / Router in production soon

Hello all,

Our main firewall went down on Thursday, February 4th. The second one was already down since December 2020.

In the emergency, we put in production a temporary server acting as a router / firewall however this last one does not manage to deliver the expected performances.

We decided to take the step, and we invested in a real edge router that can peer in BGP with our operator and exchange routes with our local core router. A few more security rules but very few, because we provide a neutral Internet.

We hope to have it in production within 1 to 2 weeks until it is delivered to us. We will make its production as soon as possible upon receipt, a shutdown will surely take place from 2 to 4 hours the time of the first production.

After a validation time, we will order a second one in order to redundant this architecture.

We hope by this means to increase performance and especially stability at the network level, which we cannot obtain with software routers on servers.