List of services offered by the ResEl

  • Internet très haut débit : Le ResEl propose un internet neutre à tous ses adhérents
  • La Télévision : Grâce au ResEl il est possible de regarder plus de 30 chaines en direct sur son ordinateur
  • Mailing lists : The mailing lists allow any member of the association to rapidly contact any member of his club
  • Videoconferences : Tired of Zoom and the lack of privacy? The ResEl proposes its solution!
  • Garbage : Search engine
  • Collaborative Notes : Need to share notes with others? Take advantage of CodiMD, the fork of HackMD!
  • Internships : Find Internships on our interactive platform
  • Gitlab : Gestion de projets avec tickets, revue de code, et intégration continue
  • Cloud hosting : Host your web apps for your clubs or associations